The Straw Men Are Coming Back... to Comics!

This just in from Zenescope Entertainment:

"Michael has teamed up with Zenescope Entertainment, the company behind the critically acclaimed graphic novel SE7EN (based off the film of the same name) to adapt Marshall’s best-seller, The Straw Men, into a comic book and graphic novel format.

"We are extremely excited to be working with Michael on this project, his book was one of the best and most thrilling reads I've had in a very long time and I always thought it would make for an incredible comic.” said Zenescope president Joe Brusha, “There are so many things we can do visually with this adaptation, I think fans of the novel are going to love what we have in store.” Zenescope is working very closely with Marshall on this adaptation in order to deliver a series that will stay true to his chilling story while also adding an incredible visual element to it.

Eisner award nominee Brett Weldele (Southland Tales: Prequel Saga; Silent Ghost) is providing artwork for the series with cover art by David Seidman (SE7EN)."

Look for The Straw Men to return this June - and keep an eye on the website in the meantime, as we hope to have some graphics tasters of the series very soon!