A dark labyrinth of a book: shocking, moving and surreal. Violent, outrageous and witty – sometimes simultaneously – it offers us a journey from which we return both shaken and exhilarated.
— Clive Barker

• Books by Michael Marshall Smith:

1998: One of Us (Bantam US, HarperCollins UK)

1996: Spares (Bantam US, HarperCollins UK)

1994: Only Forward (Bantam US, HarperCollins UK)

2007: The Servants (Harper US and UK)

2017: Hannah Green and her Unfeasibly Mundane Existence (Harper UK)


• Collections by Michael Marshall Smith:

2014; Everything You Need (Earthling Publications US)

2007: This Is Now (Earthling Publications US)

2003: More Tomorrow & Other Stories (Earthling US)

2001: Cat Stories (Earthling Publications US)

1999: What You Make It (HarperCollins UK)

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