Short Stories & Novellas

KILLER MOVE now out in US paperback!

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This Is Now [2007]


Editions: Earthling (US) Chapbook
Ordering: The majority of the softcover run (approx. 400 copies) was given away in delegate bags at World Horror Convention 2007, to celebrate Smith's appearance as Guest of Honor. Fifty softcovers (identical to those at WHC) and 26 lettered, traycased hardcovers were for sale directly through Earthling, but are now sold out.


A special three-story collection, containing two reprints tweaked for this edition ("This is Now" and "Open Doors") and one original tale ("The Seventeenth Kind"), each featuring an illustration by Les Edwards. Cover art is by Edward Miller.

More Tomorrow and Other Stories [2003]

US Numbered Hb

Editions: Earthling (US) Numbered (1,000) Hb ISBN 0974420301
Earthling (US) Lettered (26) Leatherbound, Traycased Hb
Ordering: Earthling Publications


Billed as the definitive collection of MMS stories; building on the selection in What You Make It to present 30 of the author's best stories. Cover art is by John Picacio.

Along with the introduction: 'Alias Smith & Jones' by Stephen Jones, and afterword: 'On Not Writing' by MMS, the stories included in the volume are:

• More Tomorrow
• Being Right
• Hell Hath Enlarged Herself
• Save As...
• The Handover
• What You Make It
• Maybe Next Time
• The Book of Irrational Numbers
• When God Lived in Kentish Town
• The Man Who Drew Cats
• A Place To Stay
• The Dark Land
• To See The Sea
• Two Shot
• Last Glance Back
• They Also Serve
• Dear Alison
• To Receive Is Better
• The Munchies
• Always
• Not Waving
• Everybody Goes
• Dying
• Charms
• Open Doors
• Later
• More Bitter Than Death
• A Long Walk, For The Last Time
• The Vaccinator
• Enough Pizza

Cat Stories [2001]


Editions: Earthling (US) Chapbook
Ordering: Originally printed in 350 paperback chapbooks and a limited (15 only) lettered, traycased edition, both versions are out of print at the publisher, but may be available from second-hand dealers. All three stories in the chapbook were included in the collection More Tomorrow and Other Stories, also published by Earthling (US) - see above.


From the publisher's website: Michael Marshall Smith's first US chapbook! This mini-collection gathers Smith's cat-related tales, including the classics 'The Man Who Drew Cats' and 'Not Waving' and the brand new 'They Also Serve', a rare science fiction piece. Smith also has written an introduction - his thoughts on why cats are such special creatures. Art by Patti Kaufman.

What You Make It [1999]


Editions: HarperCollins (UK) Pb ISBN 0006510078
Ordering: Pb


UK short fiction collection that includes the following stories:

• 'More Tomorrow'
• 'Everybody Goes'
• 'Hell Hath Enlarged Herself'
• 'A Place to Stay'
• 'Later'
• 'The Man Who Drew Cats'
• 'The Fracture'
• 'Save As...'
• 'More Bitter Than Death'
• 'Diet Hell'
• 'The Owner'
• 'Foreign Bodies'
• 'Sorted'
• 'The Dark Land'
• 'When God Lived in Kentish Town'
• 'Always'
• 'What You Make It'
• 'The Truth Game'

The Vaccinator [1999]


Editions: PS Publishing (UK) Hb ISBN 1902880072
PS Publishing (UK) Pb ISBN 1902880064
Ordering: Both editions are out of print at the publisher, but may be available from second-hand dealers. The Vaccinator was reprinted in the Foursight anthology and in a paperback volume along with Kim Newman's Andy Warhol's Dracula (both of which were published by Gollancz (UK) and are also out of print) and has been reprinted again as part of the More Tomorrow and Other Stories anthology from Earthling (US) - see above.


Key West, Florida. Home of margarias, fine seafood, and sun-baked '60s burn-outs. Also, for the time being, of Eddie Kruger - a man with a decidedly chequered past.

Eddie's a vaccinator now, operating in the shadowy margins of kidnap and intrigue. Nobody knows just how far outside the realms of normal life this puts him - including, it turns out, Eddie himself.

Because when Illinois businessman George Becker turns to eddie for help, the next forty eight hours open doors that neither guessed even existed. The veil of comfortable reality is lifted for a moment. The masks come off.

And then the faces.