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The Servants [2008]

The Servants (UK)

The Servants (US)

Editions: HarperCollins Hb ISBN 978-0-00-726193-2
William Morrow (US) Hb 978-0061494161
Earthling Limited ISBN 978-0-9795054-0-9
Ordering: Amazon.co.uk Hb
Amazon.com pb


Things are unreliable. Things break. Things fall apart. Even at 11 years old, Mark knows this all too well.

By the time he moves out of London to a wintry seaside town, things are already bad. His mother is sick, and Mark doesn't get along with his new stepfather. Although he finds an ally in an elderly neighbour, it still doesn't feel like home, and shadows are soon gathering as things slowly start to get worse

Mark knows he has to do something, but he doesn't know what. And the only people who might be able to help him...

... may not even exist.

Published April 2008 (UK hb), September 2008 (US pb), February 2009 (UK pb).

Previously published by Earthling as a Limited Edition (see Michael Marshall Smith)