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9 Competition - Week 1 Winner #9ememess #intruders

After a week spent thinking more about #9 than is probably seemly, it's time for me to announce the first winner of the competition (original post and rules are here). Just so you know, I'm listening to the 9th Goldberg Variation (Mia Chung, 2006) while I type this, and the post will go up at 6:03pm. I'm not messing about with this shit. There were 34 entries during the first week, and I love each and every one of them. Choosing a winner was tough: so hard, in fact, that I'm adding a new rule, thus:

10: The overall season winner will be chosen from all entries over the six weeks, not just from the winners of the six weekly contests.

Not having won in any given week, therefore, doesn't mean you're not still in with a chance at the overall title. Is that enough negatives in one sentence? Yes, I think it is.

This gives me the freedom to decide that in fact, something submitted in week 1, 2 or 6 that didn't win its week does however sum up the entire competition in some ineffable way, and deserves the grand prize. I'm aware this rule doesn't seem very logical, but it's my competition, and I believe the hallmark of any aspiring despot should be a dark thread of unreason.

And the first winner is... @wcuebas. For not only finding a 9, but being one.


So, @wcuebas... DM me your email address via Twitter, and I'll put you down for a signed tie-in copy of THE INTRUDERS as soon as it's published by HarperCollins.

And now... start finding and putting up entries for week 2's competition, and again, please RT and pass this message around (and the rules). The more entries we receive, the better the prizes. I'm told that INTRUDERS-related goodies will be coming my way soon from BBC America, so who knows that next week's astonishing reward might be...

Here are this week's entries... hover over the thumbnail to see the Twitter name of the poster (with underscore and entry number appended, where applicable), and click on it to see the full image.