Sadly, we are finally able to announce that BBCA will not be renewing INTRUDERS.

The remit was to adapt the book, which Glen and his team did brilliantly. It was never a given there would be more — though we did discuss ideas for future arcs — and for a variety of reasons the first season had to out-perform the norm in order to continue. Unfortunately it did not.

Why? Well, they didn't play it safe. The show was distinctive and unusual, narratively uncompromising and texturally bold. In a world where many viewers will bail after twenty minutes because something's not just like everything else, it dared to ask people to care — to keep the faith and wait to see what happens next. They didn't sell the book short: they did it proud. As an novelist that makes you feel very privileged, and grateful.

A huge thanks to everyone who watched and supported the show — you made the whole thing fun, before and during, and are still doing so afterwards. I'm glad to know you.

I also feel extremely honoured to have had a book worked on by so many people of such extraordinary talent. Producers like Julie Gardner and Jane Tranter (and Jess Pope, who doggedly developed the show for years in the UK before it came to BBCA);  a developer of Glen's unique vision and experience, writers like Kristen and Darren; the remarkable cast of actors in roles both large and small; creative geniuses like Mark Freeborn and Bear McCreary; directors like Daniel Stamm and Eduardo Sanchez — not to mention the social media and marketing people from BBCA who gave it such loving attention here in the US.

In the end (and truly, the end is never the end), it comes down to this: What you want most, if you're lucky enough to have a book adapted, is for it to be made by people who give a shit. 

These people gave a shit. And it was good shit.

Thank you all :-)