I know this will lose me some friends, but I’m now getting very, very bored of compassionate, intellectual people on both left and right patiently explaining to me that what happened in Britain — and what could happen in America in November — isn’t the fault of thick, small-minded xenophobes, and the poor little things were misled and confused by a naughty elite. This is just a more subtle form of patronizing elitism. 

Let the thick, small-minded xenophobes own their dreadful victory, even if many of them appear too thick to have realized the whole thing wasn’t a drill, or an opportunity to give a bloody nose to the same right-wing assholes THEY ELECTED. Respect their agency, and its deeply unpleasant reality. Stop thinking the “intellectuals” covertly control everything, because we really, really don’t. The stupidity is real

Read the comments in the Daily Mail or Sun or on Twitter. Watch the wankers in the streets of England now jeering at people who've spent their whole lives there saying “Ha — time to go back where you come from”. Ignorance is no defence in law, and it’s not in politics either, and we do not have to respect or excuse or second-guess the views and actions of people too stupid to work out how to sit on a toilet, never mind influence a country’s future. 

Look at this asshole. No elite made him wear that. HE DID IT ALL BY HIMSELF.