No, it’s not me that’s been improved, I’m afraid. Still the same. Nothing’s changed. The on-boarding experience remains prone to diffidence, the API is inexplicable to almost everyone, and the overall product is glitchy in the extreme. 

This is by way of announcing, however, that has been significantly groovified. Yes, that’s a word. Or it is now. In addition to looking slightly less like it was designed by an intern in 2008, it now offers the opportunity to purchase key volumes directly from the site — and in all major eBook formats. I know, I know. Truly this is all the best of all possible worlds after all. 

As a launch special, we are offering the two eCollections — MORE TOMORROW and EVERYTHING YOU NEED — as a bundle for the gasp-inducingly low price of $8.99. That’s all the weird fiction you can uncomfortably handle, for less than the price of… well, for less than something that’s exactly $9.

When I say “we”, I mean “me”. I set this up all by myself, as a chance to give my inner dork a run in the pasture. Aspects of it were gnarly. So if you get a bunch of weird emails implying you've just shipped 10,000 Kalashnikovs to Bakersfield, or the Feds swoop and accuse you of money-laundering for the Marin Symphony Orchestra, we never spoke, and I don't know you, okay? 

Otherwise, if something goes wrong with your order or your book’s wonky or your cat starts staring into space for no reason, feel free to let me know and I’ll fret about it. 

Though to be honest, I’m surprised and a little hurt you’re here still reading this.



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