Purely because a great picture by Eygló caused me to remember the story, I’ve made a little ebook of something I wrote years ago. Below are download links. Help yourself, and pass it on. 

Kindle format
iBooks format
General ePub for Nook and everything else

I have no idea why I’m giving it away like some crazy person. I don’t even have a book to pimp. I may simply have gone insane. Yes, I think that’s it. And in some ways it’s a relief. 

Though in fact, it’s not totally without cost. If you download, you have to try out a new system called PeopleWare™ that I’ve just this moment invented. Instead of paying, do something for yourself: something you know you’ll feel better after — but don’t always get around to doing, or don't feel you deserve. Buy the damned cookie and go eat it somewhere nice. Or do an extra half mile next time you run. Spend five minutes stroking the cat and staring into space — nuts to the deadline: it’ll wait. Tidy up the silverware drawer like you keep meaning to — yes it’s boringly domestic, but it's your domus and you’ll feel weirdly virtuous afterward and keep opening and shutting it with a beatific feeling of satisfaction. Go for a walk in the woods with someone, or — if you need this more — by yourself. Skip dessert. Or finally try out one of those gags that are always going around the net, like dressing up in old-fashioned clothes and going up to some randomer in Safeway breathlessly demanding to know what year it is — and when they answer, sprint out into the street shouting “It worked! It worked!”

Or it may be that the best thing for you is to do is something for another person instead. That's for you to know. Whichever. Just spend a couple of dollars’ worth of billable time on people-stuff, self-improvement or mindful self-indulgence, or something for someone else.

And if friend, family or co-worker should ask what the hell you think you’re doing, tell 'em Michael Marshall Smith made you do it. 

Cover illustration by Eygló — huge thanks for letting me use it. 

Cover illustration by Eygló — huge thanks for letting me use it.