You found us. Excellent.

In a move I'm confident will provoke a wave of apathy measurable by seismological instruments in Japan, I've revamped my Web site. Do people even visit sites any more, or is it all Snapface and Twittergram these days? Who knows. 

Anyway, I've done it. Click on the HOME button above to get to the main bit, or the other menu items for other bits. It's responsive, easy to understand and very clean — a bit like me, I like to think. But then I do think an awful lot of nonsense.

It's also rather bare-bones for now. Feel free to let me know what you think should go up here. Cat videos, maps of the far reaches of Hell, money-saving supermarket coupons, that kind of thing. 

As part of the move, this Wordpress blog will cease functioning, and this one integral to the new site will take over (which actually has the same url, so you will likely have ended up there/here without trying). So if you do wish to be informed of future blog mutterings via email, you'll need to re-subscribe here/there. If you don't, then don't. Click on post title to take you to the post page, then you'll see a thing to subscribe there on the right of the line saying Comments. I hope that's confusing enough. [Actually, seems it's even more confusing than this, in that you can't just put in your email, but only subscribe via other sign-in sites. But any mutterings here will be flagged on Twitter and FB, so, you know.]

Go look at the other bits. Not much to see here yet apart from previous rants.

No, seriously. Nothing. Stop staring at me.