Actually, I probably can’t… unless you have unusually specific needs. But that’s okay, because a lot of other people can. In about ten minutes. 

Yesterday in a fit of boredom I read an article of about that length over on Medium, detailing how some guy had “rebooted his life”. I’ve seen the chap’s name around and gather that he’s pretty Famous On The Interwebs and possibly elsewhere. The piece was well-written and engaging and studiously self-effacing and hit all the right affirmative notes — but basically boiled down to "exercise more, and drink less beer”, and thus was clearly the babbling of a madman.

And it made me realize, again, that I don’t blog as often as I’m supposed to. I should blog more. I'm not sure why I should, actually, except that we're all encouraged toward this form of expression — to regularly produce earnest little think-pieces positioning ourselves as battle-hardened but clear-eyed citizens of the brave new worlds of self-empowerment and productivity, seasoning our intellectual savvy with the freewheeling imagination of a Chagall and the tart piquancy of a nonpareil caper. 

This is not one of those pieces. 

Words are not my friend right now, but pictures are still spilling out. So rather than a wise ten-minute-read along the lines of "I've by-God got the measure of the world and am passing on the pearls, oh and by the way, here are links to my book, product or service”, instead here are some recent autumnal images cropped to the ratio of an iPhone lock or home screen. So you could use them for that, if you wanted. 

They’ll probably work on Samsungs too — but first I urge you to look deep inside and ask yourself what entrapping script is making it so hard for you to resist the warm embrace of our Cupertino overlords. 

The pictures aren't super high res but then neither is life most days. No, I have no idea what I mean by that either. 

Enjoy. Or not. I’m off to try exercising less, while drinking more beer.  

I’ll let you know how it goes. 



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