Attention, people of Earth...

Quite a long time ago I wrote a story called THE SEVENTEENTH KIND. It is easily the silliest thing I've ever wrought. Despite this — and a long series of obstructive manoeuvres on my part, including disguising myself as a mango and hiding in the Safeway produce section for several months, and then insisting that all contract negotiations were conducted in mime — Loose Cannon Films insisted on making a half-hour movie of it. 

And today, I'm sorry to announce, it has been released

And do you know what? I'm glad. They took all the silliness and ran with it. Sprinted with it, some might say. Not only that, but it stars Tony Curran, Miriam Gargoyles, Silvester McCoy, Ralph Brown and Brian Blessed, for crying out loud — not to mention Lucy Pinder. And it's bundled with extras that include a tie-in eBook of the original short story.

It's available to buy or rent here. Right now. 

So you should do that.