So. INTRUDERS has finished in the US. For now, anyway... do feel free to start lobbying your congressman for a second season. No, I mean it. DO IT NOW. Actually, probably lobbying BBC America would make more sense. But give your congresswo/man a kick anyway. They likely deserve it. On the upside, this does mean you get a break from the dark machineries of my so-called mind. And to assist with that, I thought I'd warn you that you'll want to avoid the STRAW MEN novels, even though they are now electronically available in the US again, in new editions. (Currently only on Amazon, though ePubs are coming soon).

Be careful. Whatever you do, don't click any of the links below...


In this New York Times and internationally-bestselling novel of suspense, Michael Marshall's unique voice adds a chilling intensity to the serial-killer plot, combining dazzling narrative, a white-hot pace and introduces a deeply disturbing backdrop of conspiracy.

The Straw Men. They kill people. Any people. And soon they’ll get around to you.

"Just when you think there’s nothing new under the sun in the world of the suspense novel, along comes one hell of a nasty spider called The Straw Men. It’s brilliantly written and scary as hell. Be the first on your block to stay up all night with this one; it’s a masterpiece, reminding us that even paranoids really do have enemies." — STEPHEN KING




THE LONELY DEAD (second in series, previously published in the US as THE UPRIGHT MAN)


BLOOD OF ANGELS (third in series)


All jacket images created by the fantastic...

[No, physical copies are not available at the moment in the US, unless second-hand. It's a publishing thing. Don't even start me.]