Just when you thought life couldn't get more exciting, suddenly there's the result of the overall #9ememess competition winner. So put down that axe and listen up. Who better to judge this climactic award than series creator Glen Morgan, who — as I was at pains to confusingly explain throughout — was asked to consider not just the weekly winners, but every single one of the 379 entries over the US run of the show (actually, there's a couple more than that now, as some have come in after the competition ended). And Glen's decision was...

"For the manipulation of Nature, as Reverti does, I have to go with @edge_of_the_map and @BigD1980 and the 9 petri dishes. Yet... honorable mention to @JaxAttack3B for all his artwork, @Golffather for his support and @TTESmith for Wilson Pickett."

Now, as it happens, @edge_of_the_map and @BigD1980 were winners of the Week 4 Competition, and so already have books and T-shirts heading their way anyway. I will try to think/acquire/steal something to recognize this further achievement. Let me know what you fancy, but I'm not stealing a car or major rail station or anything because they're bastards to wrap. @Golffather won the very first weekly competition. I'll send a book to @JaxAttack3B (if you DM me your address) but probably not one to @TTESmith, who by a curious co-incidence — this was unknown to Glen at the time of judging — happens to be my sister. She can buy her own damned copy*. I'm not made of money, you know.

So that really is the end of the competition. Thank you so much to everyone who entered and made it so much fun to do... and thank you also for your support of the show. It's now airing in the UK, where early responses have varied from...

"#Intruders , definitely the antithesis of "meh" television. Brilliant adult TV."

to... "Appalling storytelling, lousy dialogue, pretentious crap. Scary? Yeah, that somebody spent money on it."

to... "Cannot get my head around from but I can't stop watching. Weird would be an understatement."

to... "I've watched just 25min of the first episode of and the smouldering strangeness has me utterly hooked. Pleasingly odd."

to... "Congrats @ememess and @john_simm #TheIntruders is excellent. Beautifully shot, lovely colour palette and intelligent."

to my personal favourite... "#intruders What a load of shit. BBC pissing our TV tax up the wall yet again. Goodnight. (21.25)"

Frankly if we've managed to annoy the last bloke so vehemently, we must have done something right. Nobody involved in this show wanted to make another piece of bland, by-the-numbers TV... and I'm grateful and honored that so many talented people worked so hard to make something genuinely unusual and distinctive.

If you're enjoying it, please spread the word... if not, well, don't, eh?


* Just joking, Tes.