And lo, it's time to announce the winner of the third weekly #9ememess competition... Actually, I know, it's well past time. Technical difficulties prevented it from coming out both when it was supposed to, and with the steady hand of Mira guiding the helm. There were 53 entries in that week of Sept 14-20th. This represented a 6% increase on the week before, which — while not as heart-warming as the previous gain — means that almost none of you will turn up to your desks tomorrow to find a cardboard box to put all your crap in, with the words "It has been decided that your career would be most positively conducted within the confines of some other company" scrawled on it with a force that speaks not only of great finality, but near-murderous rage.

The standard in the third week was bewilderingly, terrifyingly high... which is why I'd been intending that someone else would pull the trigger. I started making a list of all the ones I especially liked and then stopped when I realized it included all of them.

I had to pick a single winner — had to, you understand that, I hope. And so it's...


So there we go: @eyglo, please DM me your address, and as soon as the tie-in books arrive, one will be on its way to you, signed to whomever you choose.

All of the entries to the competition so far can be viewed here. To everyone who didn't win, I'd just like to say that — while I stand behind my choice, naturally — I'm, like, totally wrong, and you should have won instead.

Take heart, as always, from my quixotic and difficult-to-articulate declaration that the overall competition winner will be chosen from all entries over the six weeks, not just the six weekly winners. Huh — actually that sounds less confusing than usual.

Now it's well past time to start submitting entries for the 4th week's competition, which I'm delighted to confirm will be judged by Kristen Cloke Morgan... [@kristenclokem] who co-wrote the episode showing this Saturday night. You have until midnight PDT this Saturday to get new entries in... that's like, two days.

As always, please retweet and pass along... the rules are here. If we get more than 53 entries — which is going to need some speedy work from people, so crack on with it — then I've arranged it so that a meteor due to hit the planet in the year 2167 will narrowly miss us instead.

If we don't, well...