Well, blimey — as we (occasionally, and often ironically) say in the UK. Not only has the number of entries increased — to 50, representing a 35% increase in productivity week-on-week: well done everyone, you can expect a tiny financial bonus at Christmas, and I'll undertake to refill the water cooler on a slightly more regular basis — but the range and quality is up too. There were at least ten or twelve pictures that could have won... So hard was it to choose, in fact, that next week I'm going to give myself a break from the intense psychological vortex of considering #9 before it lands me in a padded cell, and hand the challenge over to a guest judge... Mira Sorvino.

In the meantime, check out the entries...

See what I'm saying? The sheer scariness of @wcuebas's nines-in-the-eyes picture... the thematic consistency of @ljoneill670's birthday candle... the meta-ness of @yerackfotos using all the Instagram settings set to +/-9... the customary classiness of @eyglo's entry... the "that must have been quite tiring"-ness of @stufromb's grass 9, or the "having nine of my books in chronological order"-ness of @pajone's entry... so many of the others... gah.

I had to pick just one, godammit. And in the end, I've gone for @MrAndyFox's noirish and Richard Shepherdy picture below... which looks like it could be a still from the show.


A copy of the tie-in will be coming your way as soon as it's available, signed to whomever you choose. Please DM me your email address...

But remember, everybody: not winning this week doesn't mean the picture's not still in with a chance of the overall competition. (I've got to find a better way of saying that).

Next week's competition starts... NOW. So enter up to three pictures over the coming week, for the chance to be judged by Mira... she seems nice, though. I'm sure she won't judge you harshly. Not as harshly as I would, certainly.

The rules are here. Most important is the one about including the #9ememess hashtag in your tweet, to ensure your picture/s come to the judges' attention... It's good to have the #intruders tag there too. Please RT and pass around... the more entries the better. Tell people to find the nines...

Our target is to beat 50 pictures this week, or upcoming staff assessments will be brutal.

Possibly even fatal.