Okay. I forgot that my son would be at school at the time I needed to select a winner, so I drafted in my wife instead. She’s pretty random. The winner has now been selected, and an email sent. If you don't receive that email, I'm afraid it's not you. But now... the second giveaway commences.

For the pure hell of it, I’ve decided to augment the system for this one. In addition to people who subscribe to this blog, I’m going to punt out a “Chance to win” tweet about the giveaway tomorrow morning (Pacific time), and will open the draw to anyone who retweets that tweet.

People who’ve already subscribed to the blog will be included in this next draw and thus get a second go... in recognition of you all being so jolly quick off the mark. The draw from all blog subscribers and everyone who retweets will happen next Monday, the 11th. [UPDATE: just realised I'm going to be away that day, so actually it'll be Tuesday 12th.]

To raise the excitement to potentially dangerous levels, I’m going to include a paperback of KILLER MOVE with this one, to be signed to the same person, a different one, or... whoever you wish, within the bounds of legality and sanity.

I’m not even sure that I understand this whole thing any more, but I think it boils down to:

1. If you’ve already subscribed to this blog, no action is necessary. You’ll be in the next draw too. 2. If not, you can either subscribe to this blog, or retweet the tweet. Or both.

I hope that’s clear. Now I have to stop typing the words ‘tweet’, ‘subscribe’ and ‘draw’, because they’ve stopped having any meaning to me.