Well, you lovely people, the random recipient of the second giveaway has been randomly selected, and if you haven’t received a random email, then I’m afraid you're not the winner. That’s randomness for you, sadly: a sharing, beneficent source of plenty for some, cold-hearted and tight-fisted bastard to others. I feel your pain, not least as the winner was not not one of the people who offered inducements like home-made gingerbread or the souls of close family members. All is not lost, as I’ll be instigating a similar thing for the publication of THE GIST (coming from Subterranean in May) and the new collection EVERYTHING YOU NEED (which will be published in July by Earthling). And probably the US release of WE ARE HERE in the fall, and anything else I can think of... and who knows, next time maybe I'll dispense with randomness and simply choose the person with the most compelling bribe. So get thinking.

Thank you for taking part in this one, and be assured any further draws will always include anyone who subscribes to this blog...
As you were.