Alright, maybe 'stupendous' is over-selling it a little, but it’s only a few weeks now until the UK publication of my new book, WE ARE HERE. Orion gave away a couple of proof copies of the novel a few weeks ago, but I gather this somehow ended up being restricted to certain territories, and so I’ve scored a couple more and would like to make them available to the world and possibly the universe at large, (although winners from other solar systems should know that they will be expected to handle their own shipping costs). The best way I can think of doing this is requesting that anyone interested subscribe to this blog. Don’t worry, I’m not doing this as a sneaky way of getting more people to read my meandering rants – you can unsubscribe again immediately afterwards if you choose (though somewhere, a baby angel will shed a tear, and when that tear falls on the ground it will shatter with a sound that will never be heard until it's too late for all mankind).

It’s just that last time I ran something like this I did it by randomly choosing Twitter followers and wound up in the rather ignominious position of trying to foist books upon people who’d obviously either followed me on a passing whim or while very drunk, and who were frank in their bafflement at having someone hassling them about a free book. Plus there was a nice young lady called HotSuzie7 who graciously accepted the novel but then tried to involve me in activities that would have been inimical to the continued peaceful progress of my marriage.

So — if you’re interested in winning a proof copy of We Are Here, please subscribe using the button over there on the right, where it says 'Subscribe' in turquoise letters. You then need to click a confirm button in a message you'll be sent. I’ll get my son to randomly select an email from the list next Monday, and then again the following Monday... I will of course be delighted to inscribe either copy to you, a significant other or indeed your cat.

In the immortal words of Hank Kingsley (I’m happily working through the LARRY SANDERS SHOW from the very beginning at the moment)...

... This is exciting, isn’t it?