Loath though I am to steal the thunder of whatever trivial piece of news Apple has for us later in the week, I'm delighted to announce the launch of Ememess Press, a site dedicated to the short fiction of, well... me. The site comes courtesy of the web wizardry of Fictitious Bob and his coding elves, and the idea is to make my short stories available — for the first time — in e-format. Every fortnight, three short stories will be published. (For now, ememess press is focussing on Kindle format. In the fullness of time iBooks and others may be brought into the fold. Imagine it as being a bit like when The Beatles finally hit iTunes. I certainly do.) The site is also optimised for use with iPhone, iPad and Kindle Fire.

The stories will range from alleged classics to lesser-known rarities and B-sides. Issue One, out today, features British fantasy Award-winning MORE TOMORROW, optioned-for-film HELL HATH ENLARGED HERSELF, and a lighter piece DIET HELL. You can buy the stories individually, or in Issue format — in which case, the third one comes free.

The site will also feature occasional special items, and they're kicking that off with the publication of my only novella so far, THE VACCINATOR. More of this kind of thing to come in the months ahead. It’s been fun getting the thing up and running, and I really hope that you enjoy the stories...