No really, it's not. Feel free to go back to whatever you were doing. I'm just slinging up a post to see whether doing so fixes one of the borkednesses about this blog at the moment, which a week or so ago suddenly started looking like the output of a deranged mind - and then wouldn't let me log into fix it.

Having replaced most of the Wordpress bits and pieces, it has started working again, but still looks borked on the originanl theme I had, while working fine on some others - which is why it now has this somewhat functional look about it. I have no idea why this might be, but in my fuzzy, "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing" kind of way, I'm throwing up a quick post to see whether that straightens out any oddness in the SQL database which I believe holds the actual posts. Though I may be wrong on that. There may be an elf hidden somewhere on the Internet whose job it is to remember everything I say. Poor little bastard. No idea why the problems started in the first place. It could have been cyber-falfeasance (some people have been getting a virus warning, though I suspect that's just the php files being weird), or the new build of Wordpress breaking some custom themes… or it could have just "gone wrong", in that ineffable way computery things sometimes do. I don't know. I'll probably never know. Ah well.

While I'm here, here's a couple othert sources of lost time that you'll never get back:

1. Children who won't leave one place for another. The forty minutes it can take to get a kid to put his or her ****ing shoes on before they leave the house; or the fifteen minutes you may stand in a drizzly carpark while they clamber into the front seat and experiment with the horn while you smile tightly at the passing parents of better-behaved children.

2. Telephone menu systems. I would so respect a company that put up a message saying "We're too cheap to hire enough customer reps, so please call back at three am," instead of sitting you there on the line for twenty minutes while getting you to input your account number and select from thirty diffierent options to better help them serve you… only to eventually wind up with someone who is blissfully unaware of all of those choices, treating you with a total lack of preconception which might be delightful in other circumstances but is a screaming pain in the brain when you've just wasted a chunk of your life stabbing your finger on a dial pad.

Both pretty obvious. So - what are some of yours?