... and in the end, the problem with the blog turned out to be a sodding virus. This was finally proved by the fate of one poor person's laptop (sorry Kate), which got melted. Thankfully, the laptop seems to now be working again, and after three hours last night spent re-installing stuff and hand-cutting the virus code out of the many php files where it had insinuated itself, the blog does, too. So for my third waste of time that you'll never get back, I'd like to add the evil, thieving, brain-dead little fuckers who write viruses. As a Mac-user, I'd forgotten just how destructive the work of these empathy-less sociopaths could be.

And if you're out there writing one, just imagine - you might be able to crash someone's computer when they're on the edge of a breakdown, helping push them over the edge. You might even be able to steal the hundred bucks someone needs to avoid foreclosure this month. Just think how proud you'll be!

Virus-writers of the world, give yourself a big hand.