In a follow-up to the previous post... Yesterday afternoon, still ludicrously pleased at the 666 follower co-incidence, I tweeted thus:

“In honor having 666 followers, some old gags: What's 664? The Neighbor of the Beast. 665? The Fax Number of the Beast. Etc”

The barrage of dreadful gags that followed is fine testament to the inventiveness of the denizens of Twitterland...

@jdaysy: did I miss Sox Sox Sox the number of the Beast watching baseball? @demonchild6: 6-6-6 The measurements of the beast. I am a snake after all. @Ricky_Kay: Six Sex Sox the number of Dr. Seuss. @nerdsoup: ln666 - the natural logarithm of the beast (= 6.501) @EmmaJaneR: Sax sax sax - the number of the Beats @EmmaJaneR: 66,666,666 - the number of the boast @lamaupin: Seexseexseex -- The Number of the Beast with a French accent. @jonathaneric: 616 — the number of the pedantic Beast ( @fi69: SuxSuxSux - the Beast with a new zealand accent? @EmmaJaneR: 6. The number of the lazy beast. @littorally: 0898 666 666 sexy Beasts waiting to take your call. @MatBlackmore: 999 - the number of the Australian Beast @neilhimself: 656 - the Wrong Number of the Beast @Fiona_Mackenzie: HE6 66LL the postcode of The Beast. @Maudelynn: 667, the neighbour of the Beast @leethompson: SexSexSex - the Beast with a German accent @Seonaidh: 0800-666 Freephone Number of the Beast @nashg: 1/666 - The Denominator of the Beast @AndreaGillies: 666a and 666b - Beast has been split into flats... @littorally: B666 - the look, I know it looks like a cart track but honest, it'll take half an hour off the journey of The Beast. @AndreaGillies: "Was 666, now from only 466 - Credit Crunch Beast". @The_No_Show: 222 - one of the Beast triplets. (And watch out for Imogen, the middle one - she's handsy) @Cautivo: 5318008 the upside down calculator gag of the Sexy Beast. @chunky666: 121212 the morbidly obese beast! @tartanink: 969 dyslexic beast? @sharkmoss: Microsoft version 6.66 - the OS of the Beast @leethompson: 333 - "I shall call him MiniBeast!" @timlebbon: 25.817 - the square root of the beast @Seonaidh: DCLXVI - Roman numeral of the Beast @nashg: 666MHz - The CPU of the Beast. @meldh: 999, The Beast doing yoga @LouMorgan: 6.66%: the Agent cut of the Beast @catmachine: £665.99, the RRP of the Beast @Cautivo: 669 the Brothel of the Beast? @lamaupin: 667, the Upstairs Neighbor of the Beast? @Demonchil6: 7, the number of George Best

I think that’s all of them - apologies if I missed one of yours, but they were coming in scarily thick and fast at one stage. Where duplication occurred, the first to come up with it is up on this list... And I’ve just thought of another one, dammit:

Pieces of Six - The Plunder of the Beast.

But that’s enough now.