Ah, the Internet. Having rashly decided to select three random followers, I was confronted this morning with how to actually do it. So I googled “twitter + random + follower”, and came upon twitrand.com, which does exactly that. Who knew. I must remember to google “secret + eternal + happiness” and see what comes up.

The winners chosen via this method were: @rodneycharles @ghostparty @leethompson

Please email contact@michaelmarshallsmith.com with the following information:

1. Your name 2. Your address 3. Who you’d like the book dedicated to.

Well well. I seem to have got through a whole blog post without crapping on about punctuation, which is nice. But I’m still watching you. Always watching. Especially you, @roumagrl. Actually, that was just twitrand again. Don’t worry.

Oh, nuts. Just noticed that the text at the bottom of the twitrand page has a misplaced apostrophe in “it’s amazing API”.

I was so close.