Every now and then I post a video I've found on Twitter. Nothing unusual there - lots of people do. But I tend to do it largely when I've found a video of something weird or a little bit spooky, either an alleged ghost or footage of somewhere abandoned or something along other general Fortean lines.

I did it earlier today, with both the UK Fairy Insect (obviously a fake, but a very nicely done one) and then put up the classic Duende video, for those who hadn't seen it.

@abiblackmore asked me if I had any more, and to honest, I found I didn't - of that quality, anyway. But in the never-ending quest to avoid doing some proper work, I fired up MacTubes (a great app for perusing and downloading YouTube videos) and had a look around. I found a video showing three alleged 'ghosts' - none of them as convincing as the Duende video, but still, plenty creepy all the same. I posted it.

A few minutes later I logged onto Twitter again to find a tweet alerting me to the fact my number of followers had just gone up... to 666.

Not a big deal. Meaningless. But still, you gotta love it.

The video, in case you're interested was this one. But be careful.